Youth Empowerment Program

  • All youth from enrolled families attend

  • Up to an additional 20 youth particularly at-risk will be admitted (such as those aging out of orphanages, far below poverty line, HIV+)

  • Interactive program designed to increase each child's self-confidence, leadership abilities, self-expression

  • Empowered to become independent change-makers 

  • ​Safe space & foster community

  • Amplify the voice of the youth themselves

  • 5 Main Areas:

  1. Creative Arts (art, theatre & music)

  2. Basic Business Training

  3. Individual Counselling

  4. Mentorship

  5. Educational Workshops (such as life skills, health education - including reproductive health, children's rights, gender equality, self-confidence & leadership skills, importance of community service) 

School Visits 

  • Conduct school visits for all enrolled secondary school students 4 times per year

  • Creates strong relationship with government schools

  • Ensures children are regularly attending 

  • Allows social worker to monitor school progress and success 

  • Checks that children are safe and protected at school

  • Children receive counselling and emotional support 

  • Strengthens relationship with each individual teenager & their social worker 

Educational Support

​Every child has a right to an education without having to sacrifice their right to a family.

  •  Secondary public schools now free BUT it's not that simple

  • Still struggle to pay supplemental costs (uniforms, school supplies, books and food at school) 

  • We over these costs for the year for all secondary school students for the families that are receiving direct services

  • After graduation, caregivers cover the costs themselves