At-risk families are referred to us by key community stakeholders (social welfare, local government, local NGO’s/orphanages, hospitals, schools). After an initial assessment, at–risk families are enrolled. Through our family center and monthly home, business & school visits, each individual family member gains access to an integrated network of comprehensive and holistic wrap-around services, training and counselling, without ever having to be separated from one another. Assessments are also  conducted every 3 months to monitor family progress & success.

Each family is enrolled for 1 year, after which a final assessment is done.  They then graduate from the program. Follow-up home visits are also done every 6 months for up to a year afterwards to ensure each family is still succeeding long-term. 


This process increases each family’s self-sufficiency and allows us to have greater impact in the community by opening up the opportunity to work alongside more at-risk families.

Tanzanian social welfare is strongly in support of family preservation and our work. We are the first to implement this one-of-a-kind model in Kilimanjaro region. 

Because of YOU, since opening our family center in fall 2017: 













But this is just the beginning! It is our goal to be able to help even more families at-risk of separation stay together by adding another 8 families into our program by September 2018.

To make that happen, we need YOU! 

 27 children have been able to flourish at home rather than growing up in orphanages

 8 caregivers have been equipped with the tools, education and self-confidence they need to be able to pull their families out of poverty

Over 50 at-risk children, youth and families now have access to the support services they desperately needed but previously lacked. 

Our families now have HOPE and are well on their way to standing up on their own two feet and thriving.