Get Involved

By coming alongside families at risk, we can make the largest, most long-lasting and most sustainable impact.


With only a little bit of help, these families will transform their own communities. We have seen it firsthand. They not only give their own children the love and care they deserve. They become advocates of family-based care. They seek out opportunities to help other at-risk families. They teach others, multiplying the impact of the training they've received.They fight for child protection to become a collective responsibility. Through their example, other community members see that this is possible and that families truly are better together.

In concrete terms, by empowering these families, more resilient communities will emerge and a dramatically greater number of children will grow up in families, right where they belong.


The reality though is that we can’t do this alone. We need your support: people who believe in these families as much as we do.


This is your chance to make a difference. You can be directly involved in building this movement of family empowerment from the ground up.


So take a stand and give these families the leg up they so deserve. We promise you will be happily surprised by how far even a little bit will take them.