Comprehensive Medical Services 

  •  Each family (children/youth/caregiver) will receive comprehensive, medical coverage for year they are enrolled

  • Coverage for major medical emergencies

  • Access to best medical services available 

Food Support 

  • Essential food items will be provided to each family for the first 3 months while caregivers complete our business & literacy + numeracy training 

  • Nutritious meals will be provided to caregivers, children and youth when they attend training sessions, empowerment sessions, daycare or during after-school tutoring 

Emergency Housing

  • Offer emergency housing for families that are seriously at-risk of eviction 

  • 4 months of rent covered while receiving business & literacy/numeracy training 

  • Once caregivers run their own micro-businesses, our social workers help them to find a safe and secure house and they start to pay rent by themselves