Case Management & Counselling

  • Each family assigned a SFS social worker

  • Caregiver & social worker work together to create a care plan for their individual family 

  • Emphasis on self-sufficiency

  • Monthly home visits to offer encouragement, counselling and emotional support

  • Social worker will listen, advise and walk alongside them every step of the way

  • Follow-up visits for up to a year after successfully completing our year-long program 

Business Training & Support

  • Each caregiver will attend our 3 month business training 
  • Taught in Swahili & covers culturally relevant and basic business topics
  • Families pick their own businesses and create their own individual plan of action with help from SFS business instructor
  • Receive an initial grant to start their business 
  • Business visits to monitor progress, offer advice and encouragment 
  • Additional interest-free micro-loans available based off of progress & success

Literacy & Numeracy Training

  • Many of our caregivers have limited (or no) formal education and so can't read or write

  • Caregivers offered literacy & writing training  

  •  Taught in Swahili 

  • Will help our families better grasp basic business concepts and more effectively run their businesses 

Caregivers Meetings

  • Caregivers meetings, run by the SFS social work team, run once a month  

  • Safe space for caregivers to discuss the successes and challenges they face in raising their children 

  • Educational Workshops (strong focus on parenting skills, alternatives to corporal punishment, family planning, awareness & education on HIV & other stigmatizing diseases)

  • Fosters community amongst the caregivers and creates support system for them in the community outside of SFS staff